Fashion is timeless. At Oriah, we’re not driven by ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ trends. Instead, we focus on creating designs that we know our community will love. As a sustainable fashion brand, we work with manufacturers who follow our eco-conscious mission. Our collections are created in small quantities to reduce waste while using only the best fabrics.

Oriah releases carefully curated and meaningfully constructed collections that incorporate recycled and sustainable fabrics. Our designs are instantly recognizable for their lavish prints and sustainable eco-luxe fabric.

As a luxury resort wear line, we make each design as sustainable as possible, using only the best eco-friendly fabrics. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a supply chain that is sustainable and committed to our social and environmental responsibilities.

Oriah has worked closely with our partners to ensure that they meet our mission statement and are in line with our values as a sustainable, slow fashion brand.


Slow fashion isn’t just about the garment itself. It’s about every aspect of the supply chain.

As part of our environmental commitment, our packaging is biodegradable. Our packaging is made from cornstarch that is just as high-quality as its synthetic counterparts but more sustainable. Over time, our cornstarch packaging will break down into water and carbon dioxide, creating a low environmental footprint.